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We specialize in Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions.  Our business is selling your business!  We provide full service resources for business sellers and buyers to meet their objectives.



  • 90% of buyers are first-time buyers.  In other words, having never been in business before.
  • 90% of all buyers will finance the purchase of their business.
  • 90% of all buyers do not know what kind of business they want or best serves their needs.
  • 90% of all buyers are terrified and/or uneducated in the business buying process.
  • 90% of all sales will be financed by the seller.
  • 90% (or more) will not buy the business that was advertised or the one that they called on.


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            Seller Benefits
                  Value the business
                  Proper terms & structure
                  Create marketing plans
                  Screen & qualify buyers
                  Neg. successful sale
                  Assist in financing
            Buyer Benefits
                  Evaluate your goals
                  Formulate acquisitions
                  Locate candidates
                  Evaluate candidates
                  Neg. successful purchase
                  Assist in financing

A business broker provides vital services for both buyers and sellers and acts as the "glue" for holding together the pieces of the business sale process.  Learn how you can benefit from our services today... 

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